Ractu: Mr Grille

Totomple: CompliensCreator00

Other compliens: Everybody else

Ractu: *Knock *Knock! Are you awake???

Sascin: Yes!!! now I am :-P.

Totomple: Sascin, Ractu! stop it, we have to go!

Crowductor: Yes, we have a very long ways to go.

Sascin: Where's Professor. Rilleiy?

Totomple: Oh, he went downstairs to pay the hotel bill.

Ractu: Well he better hurry up, he's hone of the many who know how to access Raeth.

Lolikeen: Hi guys!

Sascin and Crowductor: AND GIRLS!

Lolikeen: aiaiai, sorry!

Prof. Rilleiy: Ahllo, i'm back, let's go!

Eggmaton: Hey, where ya going???

Lolikeen: We're going to Raeth :)

Sascin: *Whispers* Shut up...

Totomple: Don't be rude, I heard that...

Part two

Prof. Rilleiy: To get there, we need to get in the blue hole.

Eggmaton: I know where it is!! my mommy told me!

Sascin: Watch out! a HUMANOID!

Totomple: OMG we need to be more careful.

Ractu: Look, that humanoid left a map. And it's a map of raeth!

Crowductor: In the name of beethoven! who threw that at me?

Complien Child: *Giggles*

Prof. Rilleiy: Be careful, that's a baby fanshee!

Eggmaton: Whatever, we need to go, hurry up peoples.

  • They go in their spaceflight and travel to Raeth

Part Two

Sascin : Uhh... Guys, an unsuspected visitor is in our ship...

Prof Wright: Who is it!!?

Dr. Loirae: Hello, me and my wuffle just came to stop by just to.... Why din't you tell me you guys were gonna go to Raeth!!? I'm an expert there !!! You Knoow!!??

Wuffle: Me , No Pop!

Dr. Loirae: What??

Wuffle: Me want blaze an ember sand!!!

Prof. Wright: What!?!?!?!?!?

Wuffle: Marsys blaze an ember sand, McComplads blaze an ember sand, Buerguer King bloaze an ember sand!

Totomple: That is SO true!

Prof. Wright: Well, we're not to far from Raeth now!

Wuffle: Gami no pop.


Prof. Wright: Darn. We went a few billion light years away. Turn at the end of the Gami universe.