Here we have a Musical Roleplay, where Compliens love to make music all day, unless it gets ruined by those annoying (but yet clueless) Humanoids. They're very annoying at times...


Here are the roles...


  • Crowductor: ZL123
  • Bundle of Manuscripties 1:
  • Bundle of Manuscripties 2: ZL123
  • Bundle of Manuscripties 3:
  • Shamoo:
  • Xypholone: Mr. Grille
  • Taurusol: Mr. Grille
  • Glocky: ZL123
  • Goldispout:
  • Victorus:Fanshee-transparentThe friendly FansheeFanshee-transparent 18:13, April 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Timbre:Fanshee-transparentThe friendly FansheeFanshee-transparent 18:13, April 15, 2011 (UTC)


  • Commenoid:
  • Footballanoid:
  • Syko:

Let's Begin!Edit

Crowductor: Come on! Let's go. Mozart Concerto No. 26.

Xypholone: I'm great at music!

Taurusol: That's because you're practically an instrument.

Glocky: Me too! Hehehehe!

Bundle of Manuscripties 2: This is so fun.

Glocky: It is! Eb, D, D; Eb, D, D; Eb, D, D, Bb... Bb, A, G; G, F, Eb; Eb, D, C!

Xypholone: So fun! So fun. D, C, C; D, C, C; D, C, C, A... A, G, F#; F#, Eb, D; D, C, Bb!

Victorus: *Singing out of tune* Do re mi fa sol laaaaaaa! I wish I could sing better.

Timbre: No, just make it go higher each time. *Sings great* Do re mi fa sol la!

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