This is a roleplay about a normal day in the Humanoid HQ. Evil humanoids...


Bossol: Mr. Grille

Mutator: CompliensCreator00

Syko: ZL123

Timturna: Mr. Grille

Footballanoid: ZL123

Malanoid: Eglinton

Let's Begin!Edit

Bossol: Humanoids, we need a new plot to rule the Compliens.

Mutator: Maybe we could go back in time, to a time Compliens never existed, and make sure Compliens would never exist!

w:c:compliens:Timturna: I wonder who could do that?

Everybody stares at Timturna.

Timturna: Wow, that's ironic. What??

Syko: Abaharerererearhaaaaa. Weeeeeeeeeezeeee!!!

Bossol: Well, that was random.

Syko: I'm Syko. Habara-Habara!

Bossol: I wonder how he even got onto my top squad...

Footballanoid: He's terribly good at arithmetics.

Syko: Syko = mc³! Syko equals em-see cube!

Footballanoid: Told'ya so! (Footballanoid kicks football)

Mutator: (in the background) Wait, if we did that, Timturna would never exist and we'd never make it back...

Footballanoid: Oh yeah...

Timturna: That wouldn't be good.

Malanoid: I have an idea.....

Mutator: Yes?

Malanoid: We could create a formula and infect a complien to collect their DNA.

Syko: Gabalaba ding-dong.

Bossol: Agreed. Timturna, fetch the potion maker.

First part finished

Part two

Mutator: The potion has been made! I called it Complipox".

Snickering evily among the group.

Malanoid: I suppose we shall go now.

Bossol: Yes! Syko, we will be sending you to infect the Complien they call 'Totomple'.

Syko: Yay! Weebaba haba-haba!

Mutator: Wait.....we shouldn't do this......Syko is a Complien, remember?

Syko: Whatta? I am? Me is? Me is a Human, oiiiiid. Me is a Human, oiiiiid.

To be continued.