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  • Natuhope's Grove
  • Harthehope's Lake
  • Ferenhope's Cave


Agrelope: Mr. Grille

Ferenhope: Natuhope:


Dr Zeal :ZL123

Mr. Wright : CompliensCreator00

Mrs. Clerence : CattailsWelove

Prof Wright Jr. : CompliensCreatorBro

Dr. Loirae : CattailsWelove

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The Deadly Roleplay Begins...Edit

Mr. Wright : *SIGH* I just love sitting on my massage chair with a perfect hot cocoa watching my HD flat Screen TV. Its jut how I like it.

Boomvision : Breaking News! Breaking News!

Mr Wright : What is it , Boomvision!?

Boomvision : Its!*Panth* Agrelope!

Mr. Wright : What about him! And why are you all covered in scratches!!!!??

Boomvision : Agrelope just!!!!.....


Mr. Wright's mansion wall collapses and Agrelope grasps on Boomvision.

Boomvision : Help me Wright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agrelope : No one shall help you. Hehehehehe.....

Mr. Wright : Boomvision! Hang on! I'll get you!!!

Agrelope : Too Late!

Agrelope lets go of Boomvision in the air about 300 feet above ground.

Mr. Wright : Boomvision!!!!!!!

Boomvision : I don't want to die!!!!!!!!!

Traspolene : GAH!!!!!! Boomvision! You fell on me! Good thing i'm a trampoline!

Boomvision : *CRIES* I don't want to die... I don't want to die... I don't want to die... I don't want to die...

Traspoleen : Uhh... Doc, you better get him fixed up...

Dr. Loirae : Alright, but he's so heavy!

Traspoleen : Don't reely on me! I don't even have hands...

Mr. Wright : *PANTH* *PANTH* Is *PANTH* *PANTH* Boomvision ok??? * PANTH*

Dr. Loirae : Yeah but I think he was so scared that now he has a heart attack! 'll go take him to Nurse Clerence for a diagnose.

Mr. Wright : That's wonderful.

Roll Two : Ferenhope's deathEdit

Ferenhope : Don't worry, Butterfinch. I'll get your wings fixed.

Dr. Loirae: Ahh, who am I?

Argelope: Ferenhope, you won't be able to finish his wings.

Ferenhope : Oh ! Agrelope my friend, what brings you here?

Agrelope kills Ferenhope with his Horns
Chapter 6 po 1

Dr. Loirae : Gahh! You just killed the God of Air!

Agrelope : Now , its your turn.

Agrelope grasps Dr. Zeal and drops him 9 km in the air.

Dr. Loirae : I DON"T WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!

Agrelope : Now that thats done, its time to get rid of this evidents ( Ferenhope's corpse ). Oh no! His skull got stuck on my head!

Crowductor : Cra!!!!!!! Cra!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Zeal is falling from the skies!!!

Crowductor grabs Dr. Zeal before he could hit the ground.

Crowductor : What happen Doc?

Dr. Zeal : Humkfmvll,lf! gagagaga! Dizimieindjj!!!

Crowductor : ...... I... think ..... wellll...... you've gone totally bongkers at the fall...

Nurse Clerence : What is going on here!!??

Dr. Zeal : Its!!!!!! Its!!!!!! Sob! Sob! Agrelope killed Ferenhope!!!!!!!!!

Prof. Wright: I'm here and......WHOA! What happened? Ferenhope died?!?!?!?!? I'll bring my Heal a Complien 3000!

Nurse Clerence : Haven't you heard? He is DEAD! Not injured... You can only Heal not revive. I'm afraid ferenhopes gonna die and thats it...

Roll 3 : Death of HarthehopeEdit

Boomvision : Looks like Agrelopes going to kill Harthehope this time.

Dr. Loirae : What!? Quick! Neontopus!

Neontopus : What yea went? ( What do you want? )

Dr. Loirae : We need you to take us to Harthehope ! Now!

Neontopus : Ok! Yea Do now! ( Ok! I'll do that! )

Dr. Loirae : Ok ! Search for Harthehope!

Neontopus : Guadzeekz! Thease Run Come! ( Come look at this !)

Dr. Loirae Oh no.....

Nurse Clerence : We are too late...

Neontopu : Me Sobby! ( I'm sad! )

They saw Harthehope's corpes on the ground.

Neontopus : Me Feelings Zap Zap... ( Its something very shocking to me...)

Harthehopes's corpse vanishes into thin air.

Dr. Loirae : Don't worry! We still have hope! There is only one hope for us now! Natuhope...

Neontopus : Owwoo ! Yae Yae! Yae Positive! ( Oh! Yes! Yes! Your right!)

Well what are we waiting for!? Lets Go!!!

Roll 4. Death of NatuhopeEdit

Agrehope : Where are you Natuhope?

Natuhope : Oh! Agrehope! Its a pleasure to see you! We haven't talked about that story!

Agrehope : Yes... You should... Continue!

Natuhope : Ok, here how it continues,

Little Mr. Tomato Sat on A WALL , Little tomato then leaves the hall. Little tomato jumps on a traspoleen, Little tomato see Mr. Little Cabbage. Little Tomato Saw a Wuffle, Little tomato hugged wuffle. Wuffle the fluffle head slams little tomato. Little tomato became dazed. Little cabbage jumps for protection. Little tomato ask from what. Little cabbage says from a blue cat. They both run away with their faces Ugly...

Agehope : Enough!!!! What kind of a mortal story is this!?

Natuhope : What!? You're the one who said you've read it and then you liked it!!!

Agrehope : Well I have other plans then hear your stupid stories!

Natuhope : hear my educational stories?

Agrelope : N...

One apple, plus two aples, equals to three apples! Six fluffles, joined with nine Ruemorgues, equals to 15 compliens!

Agrelope : That's it! I'll kill you emidietly!!!

Natuhope : You really need councelling Weepo.

Agrelope : What?

Natuhope : Well that IS what your grandmother called you.

Agrelope : Vanish!

Natuhope : What the!!?...

Natuhope became burned and vanishes in mid air.

Dr. Loirae : We are here... No!!! Natuhope! Why'd you kill him!!!

Agrelope : One, because I want to, Two , Because i don't want to hear his lame stories!

Mr. Wright : What happened to you, Agrelope, you were once a great hero, but now your an evil destroyer!

Dr. Loirae : Everyone ! Attack Him!!!

Agrelope : You are no match for my Razer Horns!!!

Neontopus : Gyapapapapapa!!!! That thin pain!!!! ( Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!! That's sharp!!! )

Agrelope : Muahahahahaha!!!!thumb|300px|right

Prof. Wright: I'll be right back! (Prof. Wright goes underground. Bangy noises are heard.)

(Prof. Wright comes out of the ground in a puff of smoke when Plan'ts vs. Zombies music starts playing.)

Prof Wright: See my Reviveinator 300inator! Now vanish, Agrelope! (Agrelope disappears into thin air)

Dr. Loirae : It worked!

Neontopus : Loopas! Turn see! ( Oh No! Look at That! )

Agrelope then reforms.

Agrelope : Haha! Mortal! You thought that piece of metal would put an end to me!?

Prof : Wright: What the! How did he do that!!!??

Agrelope : Take this!!!

Neontopus : Bazao! The Iron Boom! ( Gasp! The Revivenator 300anator has been destroyed!!! )

Zeath Suddenly apears.

Zeath : Agrelope , you have been a great help, but now, you're help does not aprove us anymore...

Zeath takes Agrelopes life and destroys it.

Zeath : Sorry for the of your world, we shall fix that soon...

Prof Wright : He DESTROYED my Invention!!!

Zeath : Don't youy know it doesn't work because its RUSTED!? An if it wasn't , Agrelope would still be alive anyway.

Dr. Loirae : What are we going to do now? The Gods Of the Elements have died.

Zeath : That , I cannot answer, It is illegal for us to.

Neontopus : Cyaz! Nice for great come! ( Bye! Thanks for helping! )

Zeath : Goodbye... Mortal....... Hehehehehehe.... But doen't you think I'm going to be all nice on you....... I'd still take your lives away if I wanted to...... Hehehehehehehe....

Dr. Loirae : ........ Wha........

Zeath then dissapears.

Dr. Zeal : Well, looks like thats the end of this story.

Dr. Loirae : Yeah, we'd better get back home...

Neontopus : Allo, does see Medic Cleree? ( Hey, do you know where is Nurse Clerence? )


Nurse Clerence : Hello! Is anybody here!!!?? Aren't we supposed to find Harthehope???

Well, my friends, looks like this Chapter Ends with a Good ending. And this looks like time for

                                                                 THE END!!!!!

Prof. Wright: Wait! It can't be the end yet! I made a new inventioooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn........................................

Officialy The End

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