Ooh. Both of the previous roleplays mixed together! Pretty awesome!



  • Zyxtery:Fanshee-transparentThe friendly FansheeFanshee-transparent 17:41, April 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • Spinetree:
  • Zodiack: ZL123
  • Mr. E: CompliensCreator00
  • Mr. Eus:
  • Librae:
  • Armon: Mr. Grille
  • Sponcleen:
  • Stephoctor: CompliensCreator00
  • Fanshee: ZL123
  • Timturna: Mr. Grille
  • Glittle:
  • N-ice: ZL123
  • N-water:A Wiki contributor
  • N-steam:
  • Snogel:
  • Katey: ZL123


  • Prof. Wright: CompliensCreator00
  • Prof. Wright Jr.: CompliensCreatorBro
  • Dr. Zeal
  • Mrs. Clerence: CattailsWelove
  • Cartzaz Co.:


  • Armanoid
  • Man (a friendly humanoid): ZL123
  • Woman (Man's friend who agrees with Man)
  • Hypnotized Humanoid: ZL123 (Returns after Mr.E Beats armanoid) A wikia contributor
  • Commander/Commernoid: ZL123
  • Mutator
  • Footballanoid:A wikia contributor
  • Syko: ZL123
  • Armynoid
  • Balloonoid: Mr. Grille

The ultimate roleplay begins now!

Act 1

The first act of the show.

Part 1

The first part of the first act of the show!

Compliens - Scene 1
  • Prof. Wright: Holy cow! The Humanoids have stolen a Snogel!
  • Prof. Wright Jr.: I know! We better get a big army of Compliens!
  • Zodiack: Morning, Professor.
  • Timturna: Any Humanoid craziness lately?
    Compliens vs. Humanoids
  • Prof Wright: Yes. They've stolen a Snogel and tore up a Katey!
  • Timturna: Gadzooks! Not a Katey! Is there any word on where they hid the Snogel?
  • Prof Wright: Yes, somwhere in Humanoid HQ. We'll have to travel to Raeth.
  • Armon: I can get to Raeth. I can speak the Humanoids language.
  • Prof. Wright: Great!
  • Armon: Let's go!
  • Prof. Wright: Okay!
  • Armon: We're here!
  • Prof. Wright: Yay!
  • Zodiack: I summoned all my subjects, except that hateful Capriconis. They're all here!
  • Armon: Let's attack, Army!
Humanoids - Scene 2


  • Commernoid: Muahahaha! We've got a Snogel and a Katey! Muahahahahahaha...
  • everyone at the Humanoid HQ cheers*
  • Commernoid: Man, guard the back. Woman, guard the front. You don't want them to find their Compliens, do you? Haha.
  • Man: Yes, sir. (Woman ceases to answer)
  • Balloonoid: Guys, can you catch me before I.... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
  • rocket noises* Kssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttttttshhhwaaaaa
  • Prof. Wright: Hey look Prof. Wright Jr, look! It's man! That one Humanoid that feels bad for the Compliens! It's almost like he's on our side! Oh wait.... he IS on our side! :)ɔ
  • Armon: And guess what?
  • N-ice: What?
  • Armon: I forgot.
  • Fanshee: C'mon, let's attack already!
  • Zodiack: Yeah!
  • Man: Hello. How can I help you?
  • down goes man*
  • Zodiack: Let's go get the Katey and see if she's alright! She can't die so easily by being torn...
Compliens vs. Humanoids - Scene 3
  • Prof. Wright: Wait for me! *gasps* YOU ATTACKED MAN?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?1?!??!??!?!? Don't forget he is on our side!
  • Mrs. Clerence: Quick! Get "MAN" into the diagnose room! Me and my Complien friend Rooze will try to heal him..... Wait a minute.... Something... Doesn't feel wright..... Why is his name is man!? Thats so disgusting and weird!!!!!!! SIGH!!!!
  • Katey: Mbb-mbb-mbb MBB!!

The Compliens free Katey, and heal her

  • Katey: Thanks, guys.
  • N-ice: You're so welcome. Hehe.

Humanoid appears behind a building

  • Zodiack: I command that Humanoid to be hypnotized, 'Zodiens'.
  • Fanshee: Nice name.

'Zodiens' attack Humanoid, and it becomes one of them.

  • Hypnotized Humanoid: Greetings, newly-found master.
  • Zodiack: Rawrrr.
  • Hypnotized Humanoid: Nice catch, master.
  • Zodiack: Stop saying master, Hypnie.
  • Hypnotized Humanoid: Okay, master. Nice name for me, master.
  • Zodiack: ARGHH!
  • N-ice: We better get on with this... *taps on the floor*
  • Hypnotized Humanoid (replying to Zodiack): Are you hurt?
  • Zodiack: Ah, better.
  • Hypnotized Humanoid: Good, master.
  • Zodiack: Gah!
  • Fanshee: Let's attack already!
  • Katey: Yeah, let's!
  • Prof. Wright: Hi, Hypnie.
  • Katey: Oh, you just arrived.
  • N-ice: Me, Katey and Fanshee will attack the left side. Zodiack and Hypnie will attack the right. Now let's go Go GO!
  • Zodiack: Nice, N-ice.
  • Syko: Ooh, Compliens! Weebaba haba-haba!
  • Commenoid: Whatta?
  • Hypnotized Humanoid: We have come to KEEL you.
  • Wuffle : Bonzour, Mes amis! Souhaitez-vous de la tarte? ( Hello, my friends! Would you like some pie?) I am talking in france so you'll have to... Wow! I have big language!!!
  • Loirae: Sorry, we've just came back from a trip from france and, hey? What are you guysdoing and why are you guys powered up? Oh, let me guess... VIOLENCE!!!
  • Prof. Wright: They have stolen our Compliens. We need to fight. Man is here to help. But he's not healed yet.
  • Stephoctor: Now he is!
  • Prof. Wright: But how????
  • Stephoctor: Remember? I'm a healing Complien.
  • Prof Wright: Oh.......Right.........
  • Zyxtery: How could you forget? You are the creator of Compliens.
  • Prof. Wright: I oftenly forget about Stephoctors.
  • Mr. E:I got Armanoid!
  • Hypnotized Humanoid:I got....*Hypnotized Footballnoid Rejoins Humanoids*
  • Footballnoid:What Happened?!