Here's a roleplay where you get to be a Complien! Cool, right?


Zyxtery: CompliensCreator00

Spinetree: Mr. Grille


Startist: ZL123


Klokk: Mr. Grille

Vibrowaffle: ZL123

add more!

Now, the roleplay beginsEdit

Chapter 1Edit

Zyxtery: Man..... the Humanoids are tough....... We need more power.........or else we're doomed......

Ractu: Umm. we need to like do something about this humanoid thing.

Klokk: I'll help you with your next mission... (quietly) or maybe I won't...

Zyxtery: I hope you do. This is serious. Some of our friends have been stolen! Librae, Snogel, Astraut, Ticklock, Mr. E, Carpow, etc.

Klokk: They have taken my brother! (quietly) Then it's all working out...

Zyxtery: I knew you'd join!

Klokk: Have you seen a McCompald's around here? All us Compliens love that place. Yum, Honey glazed fragonotts.

Zyxtery: FOCUS KLOKK, FOCUS! Some of our friends have been kidnapped!

Klokk: Right. Focus. Wait, can I grab a...

Zyxtery: Fine. But make it quick!

Vibrowaffle: *comes along* Hey, guys! What's happening?

Klokk: I'm getting fragonotts!

Vibrowaffle: I want some too! Ya know, there's a McCompald's just up the street.

Klokk: 2 to 1, Zyxtery. We win.

Zyxtery: Make it quick!

Klokk: We're back.

Vibrowaffle: That was relaxing! Funny, everyone at McCompald's was scared when I picked up a fragonott... I wonder why.

Klokk: Yeah, I do wonder.

Vibrowaffle: Now I know! Ahahahaha! How silly of is to not think of it before. I'm invisible!!

Klokk: Hello, Captain Obvious.

Spinetree: Where is Ticklock?

Klokk: He's been stolen by the Humanoids!

Spinetree: That's awful!

Vibrowaffle: Oh, where's Syamrock? Not him too, do you think?

Startist: Oh. What should we do?