Spherox - Paperairplane29

Totomple - CompliensCreator00

Shipshaifter -

Fourth Wall -

Kyaki -

Shikishi -

Pluto-nium - Paperairplane29

Part 1Edit

Spherox: We've got to travel to Pluto-nium's house. Come on.

Fourth Wall: But why?

Spherox: He's got way more gadgets than a gadget gatherer. Those gadgets help us.

Ten Minutes LaterEdit

Kyaki: Hey, we travelled a millon Faz already. Can't we rest for a minute?

Spherox: There aren't any benches here. Let's just continue walking.

Three Minutes LaterEdit

Kyaki: Hehehe, I'm almost reaching Pluto-nium!

Spherox: Hey, wait! This isn't a race!

Kyaki: Oh. *slows down*

Four Minutes LaterEdit

Spherox: We're here. *knocks*

Pluto-nium: Who's there?

Spherox: Spherox, Fouth Wall, Kyaki and *finds Kyaki and Shikishi fighting* HEY SHIKISHI STOP FIGHTING!...

Spherox: Shikishi. We also have Shipshaifter here.

Totomple: Me too. I'm Totomple.

Pluto-nium: Come in!

*Spherox opens the door*

Pluto-nium: Rest or eat or have a Chess game.


Spherox: Okay, I'm going to have a Chess game.

Kyaki: I'm going to rest. Just because I'm tired.